why I love social media as a pastor

Whether we like it or not social media is here to stay.  So we can rebel against it or we can leverage it for the glory of God.  Here are the advantages of social media:

The most important to me are the conversations that I would never have without it.  For example, my father died last year and I wrote about it in a blog.  People came out of the woodwork that were grieving, but would never have spoken to me about it without my writings.

A second amazing use I have discovered is the extension of the sermons I do on weekends.  Instead of people forgetting about what was said, we are having conversations all week.  Conversations that would never happen without social media.

A third use I have discovered (I am not sure I want to admit this) is the ability for me to look at facebook and get a quick, but accurate state of the flock.  Just listening to conversation is very illuminating.  When appropriate I even enter the conversation to provide influence.

And last, but not least, I have been able to have world-wide conversations where two things have happened that would not have happened except for social media. First, I can see what others are saying on different topics, which is helpful. Second, I have contributed to the conversation.



5 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for bringing insight into the discussion of utilizing social media in the ministry. I too have experienced what you say above and share these principles with people with questions. Your thoughts answer some of the questions I posed in my blog “Social Media Missions”(http://wp.me/p1oww0-4e).


  2. You are doing your congregation a tremendous service by embracing this paradigm shift, Dan. it will only get better and the relationships I believe not only broader but also deeper in different ways. Keep it up and be encouraged! Bret


  3. So are you saying your Facebook stalking us ??? Haha just kidding! I absolutely love that you and we as a church are forward thinking. It’s a wonderful tool that allows us to reach those we may not have before in a unique way.


  4. Social media works well for those who spend time on the internet, or leave their computers open. Busy career people do not have time for social media.


    • Posted by Kristen on June 22, 2011 at 4:47 pm

      “Busy career people”? I respectfully suggest you rethink that. Social media is the preferred and embraced method of communication among every demographic — or profession — like it or not. I happen to be in technology so it’s a significant part of my day to day life — but social media is all around us — and I would bet you’re using it more than you think.


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